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Tim Burton Icons

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All Members , Moderated
About this Community:

This is community was specifically made for all Tim Burton fans and Icon Makers. Here you may post your icon works and/or any other Tim Burton-based graphics. No, this is not an icon challenge community or icon awards community but if anyone would like there to be one, please notify me since I am currently considering to make one.

Rules of the Community:

- Each icon post may display a set of "teasers" but I must ask that everyone post a minimum of 3 icons and the rest inside and LJ-Cut.
- Please be considerate and read each person's own specified rules for taking and using their icons; and of course, no stealing.
- If you are posting a graphic such as a wallpaper/banner/picture that is anything larger than a 400 x 250 image then I must ask you to post that image in an LJ-cut. Anything exceeding these dimensions especially the bandwidth will be asked to change their post so that their graphic is in an LJ-cut or the graphic will be deleted.


If there are any questions please notify me. Maintainer ---> faytrial
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Also see timburton maintained by twinstar